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Continuous practice of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation helped me to cure so many Ailments by myself. This time I came India specially only to participate in the Yoga Course. Along with Yoga I learnt a lot about Ayurveda and Reiki too by which I could find the co-relation of these traditional Arts. ”

-Ann, Germany.

“It’s a different kind of feeling to share about the classes here. As a beginner I was nervous in starting but the masters they made it so easy that I can finally say that I am a confident person.”-Ahsaan, Turkey.

-Ahsaan, Turkey.

“This is one of the greatest learning of my life to participate in Yoga Retreat with my teacher Vivek . I want to follow these teachings of Yoga practices till last breath of my life.”

–Melina, Colombia.

“Yoga was not an easy task for me but slowly it changed whole of my Aura. I am really grateful for the hard work of Vivek Yogi and his personal attention that I learnt a lot.”

Hilary, Australia.