28 Days Yoga Retreat with Adventure

Our Meditation Retreat is similar like Vipasana meditation which was started by Buddha thousands year back. Vipasana means to see the things as they are. On this concept we teach our students different Meditation techniques. It also includes a short part of Tantra practice which is a traditional Indian practice. After this Retreat program the person can feel the change in the personality because it is a practice of Mauna(Silence), Ahimsa(Non Killing), Aparigraha (to be non-collective), Brahamcharaya(Celibacy) etc. Enjoy the Nature, Practice Yog and Meditation in its original form, Detoxify body with our different Retreat programs which are specifically designed for the short staying International Visitors.

We offer two weeks Yoga & Meditation Retreat(14 days) which includes Yoga sessions, Pranayama, Meditation, Yogic Therapies, Basic Ayurveda lessons and four weeks Yoga Retreat with Adventure(28 days) includes Intensive Yoga studies, Philosophy sessions about Yogic Education, Pranayama, Mantra Chanting, Shatkarmas, Meditation sessions with Adventure activities etc. Enjoy Trek to the high trails around the Ashram, Hiking to the famous Temples, Sight visiting (Haridwar & Rishikesh towns) and incredible Indian culture with us. We charge a minimum tuition fee for tailored sessions only. It does not include any Accommodation and the meals. We offer the Ashram rooms for living as per the asking and the food is also available in the ashram premises.