Yoga Teacher Training Course in India:-

Yog Niketan Dham is enthusiastic to offer the most Authentic and Gratifying knowledge of traditional Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Yogic philosophy, Shatkarmas etc. for those wanting to experience it in a pure Yogic environment.

Yoga Retreats:-

Indulge yourself with the art of Yogic lifestyle. Yoga Retreats are the basic platform of practicing Yoga, exploring the magnificent prime locations in the Himalayas and to soothe the mind with Yogic Therapies.

Trekking and Adventure with Yoga:-

Wandering to the holy mountains connect self to the divine. Attain competency in different aspect of Yoga and practice deep Meditative techniques with Yog Niketan Dham.

Niketan Dham

With highly Yogic enthusiasm Yog Niketan Dham has been established as a premier Yoga School in India. Yog Niketan Dham is a Registered Yoga School accredited with Yoga Alliance, US. We feature the best Yoga Teacher Training courses and Retreat Programs in India. Our concept is to offer the classical form of ancient Yoga practices in its pure and authentic formation.

Yoga Teachers Training Courses

100 HOURS | 200 HOURS

Our programs intend for those who are interested in self growth with the prospective of Yogic Education. We nourish our students into deep knowledge of Spirituality where they improve their Physical appropriateness, Mental health and Intellectual development.

Yog Niketan Dham offers comprehensive Teacher Training Programs with equal emphasis on Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga with the practices of Yogic philosophy, Yoga practice, Shatkarmas(Jal Neti, Sutra Neti, Danda Dhauti, Kapalbhati and Trataka), Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas, Yoga Nidra or Meditation, Yoga Anatomy etc.


100 Hour Yoga TTC

Fees: USD 699

Date: 7 Sep 2018


200 Hour Yoga TTC

Fees: USD 1199

Date: 7th Sep 2018

Yoga Retreats Courses

14 DAYS | 28 DAYS


Trekking and Adventure with Yoga:-

Fees: USD 500

Date: 7th Sep 2018


28 Days Yoga Retreat with Adventure

Fees: USD 800

Date: 7th Sep 2018

Why Enroll into YOG NIKETAN DHAM

We not only provide you with intelligible teaching,our institute constantly keeps on blooming amazing talent which allows an individual to work as a professional yoga faculty or to be a part of an ackowledged organisation as an expert yoga mentor.

  • We are located in the serene Himalayas which makes it a perfect place to practice Yoga with enjoying natural surroundings.
  • We are affiliated with Yoga Alliance which makes you a Registered Yoga Teacher and allows teaching worldwide.
  • Our teachings are based on the traditional Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga practices. It offers a variety of different Asanas and other practices.
  • There is a descriptive explanation about Pranayama, Shat Karma practices, Yog Nidra, Mantra Chanting and Teaching Methodology.
  • In depth knowledge of six Indian Philosophies, Yoga Anatomy, Adjustment and Alignment.
  • The fee includes: comfortable accommodation, Nutritious Yogic diet, Pick up and Drop off service from the Airport, weekly excursions and Yoga kit etc.
Yoga Alliance
Yoga Alliance, USA Certified Yoga School

Yoga Alliance Certification grants you with a legal license to teach yoga credibly around the world. The certification gives you the access and authority to embark your own yoga institute.Our training pattern is designed in a way that lets you unleash your full potential therby allowing you to become a master yoga mentor which infinite career oppurtunities.

Experience Teacher
Experienced Mentors

To emerge as a great yogi, it is mandatory and learn from the experienced gurus and accquire knowledge from authentic sources. Our yoga teachers holds years of experience as yoga mentors and their accquired skills provides them with global recognition.

Small Batches

The batch size of the institute will never exceed more than 20 students,allowing the mentors to keep focus on each and every student in the classroom.Having petite batches grant teachers to answer to every student’s queries.We beleive personal attention leads to personal improvement and we value such philosphy at Yog Niketan Dham.

What our Students Say About us

campus Life

Campus Life at Yog Niketan Dham

At Yog Niketan Dham, our staff takes pride in accommodating all the students with hygenic rooms and allowing them to stay as a family. Our mentors will be available to assist students with their questions and queries about the course as well as life style, culture, etiquettes at anytime in the campus.

  Learn Traditional Yoga
  Taste of Incredible India – Healthy cuisine prepared in traditional Indian technique based on ayurvedic diet
  Local Excursions – Weekend trips and tours to temples, waterfalls, river rafting, bank of river Ganga and trek to Himalayan caves,allowing student to refresh their mindset.
  Ashram Activities – Daily morning & evening Aartis and celebration of Indian festivals to provide a taste of the Holy,precious and spiritual indian culture.
Students Comment

Eliana July 13, 2017 at 3:41 pm
My experience with Vivek Yogi was very important for my training, he is a really good yoga teacher, he is very qualified, nice person,beautiful soul!

Thank you Vivek!


vivek yogi July 16, 2017 at 5:06 pm
Thank you Eliana! Your words are for what i think i am not so liable. Anyway i take your beautiful words for my wellness. Thank you so much. Omm


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Meaning: Pranayama is made of two words ‘Prana’+’Ayama’. Prana is the vital force which is working continuously for the life. When Prana is off simply its the state of death. Ayama is to control or to follow the Prana energy properly. Pranayama is one of the Eight limbs of Yog …

05 OCT

Dhyan Asana or Meditative pose

Technique: 1- Dhyan could be practiced in any comfortable position. As it is mentioned in Hatha Yog Pradipika that for meditation the position should be stable as well relaxed. 2- The Arms are relaxed and the shoulders are also loose during practice. 3- Spinal cord should be straight by which the energy supply …

05 OCT

Paschimottanasana or Catter-Pillar pose

Technique: This Asana comes under the category of forward bending poses. The people who have a stiff back and want to make spine more flexible should practice this Asana daily 10 Seconds to 2 Minutes. The holding of Asana depends on different level of Yogis. When you bend forward exhale …

05 OCT